Our Wellness Arsenal

Feb 14, 2023
our wellness arsenal

Our society is currently facing a global health crisis. Real, nourishing foods have been replaced with “frankenfood”— addictive, synthetic, processed food-like substances that trick our bodies into craving them, even though they lack vital nutrients and are highly toxic to our systems. Because of soil depletion due to irresponsible agricultural practices, even the real, whole fruits & veggies we can buy today are far less rich in vitamins and minerals than they were 100 years ago. This impacts our lives on a physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual level— whether or not most of us are aware of it.

I began my health journey back in 2014 when Joel and I decided to begin growing our family. I joined an online community of natural-minded mamas in order to plan for the transformational year ahead of me. It was within that community that I began to learn about the toxic substances in our cleaning products, hygiene products, and even our food. Horrified, I set out to detoxify our lifestyle. I read Nina Planck’s book, “Real Food for Mother and Baby,” (life changing!) and began implementing her recommendations immediately. Real, organic food and pasture-raised, sustainably-sourced meats became the foundation of our diet. Our health improved dramatically, and after months of trying to conceive, I finally became pregnant with our first babe.

7 years and 3 kids later, I am still very passionate about health and wellness. I believe our health is our most valuable asset, and I invest a lot into the health of my family. Our health is our own responsibility, and I take that responsibility seriously. I do not believe that health comes in the form of pharmaceuticals. Taking synthetic medicines and pills is sickness management, not health.

We have a daily wellness routine and a whole food & herb based wellness arsenal that supports our health holistically— promoting deep cellular nourishment while consistently, gently detoxing our bodies from the toxins we inevitably encounter daily.

Our Daily Wellness Regimen includes…

  • Eating real foods: pasture raised meat/dairy/egg products and organic produce. Avoiding overly processed products whenever possible. Eating all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Reducing our exposure to environmental toxins as much as we can without causing undue stress. No products with synthetic fragrance, naturally derived cleaning supplies (we love Puracy everything and I also use Thieves cleaner from YL), no artificial flavors or colors, no chemical pesticides and herbicides, limiting plastics, using clean personal hygiene products, etc. Check out my Amazon Storefront to see some of the products we use.

  • Getting sunshine and fresh air. When we go for longer without sun exposure due to the weather, we consider supplementing with Cod Liver Oil + Vitamin D.

  • Exercise— working in the garden, evening walks, time at the gym, swimming, home improvement… we are active people.

  • Keeping house plants! House plants are natural air purifiers that reduce the toxic pollutants in your home. They can help reduce the chance of getting seasonal sicknesses (such as the common cold), remove airborne contaminants (volatile organic compounds or VOCs), reduce the chance of headaches, lift your mood, decrease your blood pressure, reduce allergies, improve sleep and much more. Magical! (Check out the top 10 indoor plants for removing toxins.) We also have air purifiers with HEPA filters. We just use the Levoit LV-PUR131 (large main rooms) and the Levoit LV-H132 (bedrooms), which were relatively affordable and get good ratings. I’m sure there are far fancier systems out there, but these guys do the job within our budget.

  • Using CLEAN drinking water from our Berkey. Check out my H2O toxicity highlight on instagram to learn more about the toxins found in drinking water and how to find out how clean YOUR tap water actually is.

  • Adding powerful superfoods into our diet that help our bodies consistently detox from the environmental toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

    • In the summertime, I add these to our smoothies, but in the winter when we aren’t into eating cold foods I create my own gelatin capsules with these superfoods:

      • Wheatgrass - Supports immune function; aids in production of red blood cells which increases oxygenation, providing protection from various environmental pollutants; energizes and alkalizes the body; is one of the most detoxifying foods in nature; reduces inflammation; regulates blood sugar; improves digestion; rich in chlorophyll; has high levels of antioxidants to aid in reduction of free radical damage; contains 19 different amino acids including 9 essential ones; aids in the treatment and prevention of cancer; improves mental health and clarity.

      • Cracked Cell Chlorella - another incredible superfood I only recently learned about. It is packed with a wide range of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, iron, antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, potassium, copper, folic acid, and vitamin B. Studies have shown Chlorella is especially useful in removing heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, and lead, and in reducing bioaccumulative toxins that cause reproductive issues, developmental problems, and cancer.

      • I do about a 70/30 blend of Wheatgrass to Chlorella and take 2-6 of the 00 gelatin capsules daily. I use an encapsulator like this one (I got mine on amazon but can’t find it on there anymore).

    • Dandelion Leaf - a powerful herbal ally that is a friend to our liver + kidney function. Helps gently detox while also providing tons of micronutrients and antioxidants. Sometimes I create an Apple Cider Vinegar based tonic (like a tincture with vinegar as the base) with dandelion leaf and other kidney + liver support herbs, of which I drink a tablespoon daily. Other times I take 2 00 gelatin capsules of ground dandelion leaf. You can also eat dandelion leaf that you find and harvest yourself by adding it to salads or cooking it! I recommend reading up on herbal allies in the books I list at the end of this post and following your own intuition.

    • Nettles - these provide tons of micronutrients, increase energy levels naturally, gently detox your body, strengthen your bones and connective tissue, relieve allergies and eczema, promote lung health, support reproductive health, and so much more. This is a powerhouse herb that you want in your life daily! I drink nettles infusions or take 2-6 00 gel capsules of them daily.

    • The last magical, powerful yet natural detoxifying supplement we use is Fulvic Zeolite. (Use that link to purchase to receive a $50 off discount — or use code “katekismet”… another favorite on the market is Coseva TRS).

      • Zeolite is a silica-based volcanic ash that forms over time when ash and lava from volcanos chemically react with sea water. Zeolite has a cage-like structure that is created by aluminum and silica that are trapped in a small tetrahedra (pyramid-like structure) created by oxygen atoms. These form 8-sided and 10-sided rings that stack on top of each other to form channels. The aluminum is positively charged and the oxygen around it is negatively charged, giving the entire molecule a net negative charge. This is a very stable compound which creates an invincible molecule that acts like a vacuum, sucking the toxins out of your bloodstream and then trapping them in a cage. When the toxins are trapped, they are neutralized in such a way so that the liver does not recognize that they are there. Your body then passes it on to the kidneys so you can eliminate them through urination without taxing the liver. Zeolites bind to and help detox: heavy metals, environmental toxins, mold, radioactive materials, and microbial pathogens.

      • Purium’s Zeolite has been synergistically combined with fulvic acid to create “Fulvic Zeolite”. Fulvic Acid is often called “nature’s miracle molecule.” It is an important naturally-occurring organic acid found in nutrition-rich humus (the decomposed matter that forms a layer in the earth’s crust). It can be difficult to obtain from a healthy diet, short of eating dirt itself, and is most commonly gathered from Shilajit. Fulvic Acid serves as an indispensable vehicle for carrying vitamins and other nutrients to the proper places in our bodies. One single fulvic acid molecule is capable of transporting 60 or more minerals and trace elements directly into our cells.

    • We also incorporate Tart Cherry Juice for antioxidants + deep rejuvenating sleep + immune boosting components like quercetin.

    • I try to also include Collagen Peptides (skin/joint/bone/hair and overall health), and Gelatin (joint health, adrenal fatigue recovery, hormone regulation, anti-inflammatory, supports liver detox, and more) in our recipes as much as possible. I add collagen to our daily smoothie or juice, and I add gelatin to soups/stews to thicken them. I also use Gelatin to make gummy fruit snacks and healthy jello for treats, and I add Collagen peptides to our hot chocolate.

I used to feel very very overwhelmed trying to avoid every environmental toxin I learned about. It felt like as soon as I rid our house of one, I learned of another! It was also clear that there were some things I’d never be able to fully avoid. While I still believe it is important to eliminate as many toxins as possible from our environments, I also know it is so important not to send ourselves into an over-stressed state by being constantly paranoid over the things we cannot control. Stress isn’t good for the body or mind either! Being able to conveniently detox our bodies daily has given me peace of mind, knowing I am doing what I can to support my body and my children’s bodies to detox whatever toxins I am unable to cleanse from our environments.

We are not unwell often, but when anyone in my family does need healing support due to injury or illness, I reach for my herbal & homeopathic remedies first:

  • Vitamin C from Nature

  • Elderberry Syrup

  • Probiotics! Find some that are good quality and kept in the refrigerator section of a store near you.

  • Fire Cider

  • Nettles (as a preventative/wellness support mainly— I brew a tea for myself during my moon time that includes red raspberry leaf as well, and we use this during allergy season to reduce our allergies.) Nettles are so high in vitamins and minerals! I highly recommend nettles infusions for preventative care and the Nora Blend during pregnancy and postpartum. 

  • Cordyceps/Mullein Capsules: These I use when I feel I need extra lung support— like during or after a cold, or during allergy season. I create capsules with 50/50 mullein powder (ground finely in a coffee grinder) and cordyceps powder (this comes powdered).

  • Zinc Capsules for immune support as a preventative or during illness.

  • Golden Echinacea or Echinacea tincture (no goldenseal if pregnant or breastfeeding— goldenseal is good for current infection, echinacea is best for preventing the start of an infection from getting worse). I love this one for kids because it doesn’t have alcohol so I can drop half a dropper full straight into their mouths and they don’t complain, since glycerine is sweet to the taste.

  • Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Tea (to ward off a developing infection or for a soothing tea during infection)

  • Ginger Tea - supports immune system AND great for tummy troubles

  • Chamomile Tea - great for calming and for upset stomachs

  • Oil of Oregano or Oregano Spirits for very intense, acute infections (sinus, sore throat, heavy chest congestion— I reserve these for the times when an intense infection just will not respond to things like golden echinacea… not to be taken lightly. Basically an antibiotic. Take probiotics with these!)

  • CBD for pain/irritability/anxiety or help sleeping when feeling under the weather (code katekismet gets you $50 off of Purium’s CBD, which is what we use and love).

  • Garlic for infections or yeast issues. You can also make garlic honey.

  • Allium Cepa (homeopathic) - colds with watery discharge from eyes/nose

  • Pulsatilla (homeopathic) - whiny, clingy toddlers; colds with thick yellow discharge; painful indigestion with rumbling gas; car sickness; PMS/hot flashes…

  • Chamomilla (homeopathic) - teething; angry toddler; colic

  • Arnica (homeopathic) - bruising, healing injuries, postpartum healing

  • Our Homeopathy Kit - we reach for this kit so often for quick remedies we’ve become accustomed to, plus it’s great to have a full set on hand because when you need a remedy, you HAVE it. The book “Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child” includes guidance on which homeopathic and herbal remedies to use, so it’s good to have a home apothecary at the ready so you’re not in a frenzy trying to find things when someone is already having symptoms.

  • Anxiety Remedies

  • Comfrey salve (see DIY instructions in my instagram highlights under “Herbal”)- for bruising, breaks/sprains, muscle strains, arthritis

  • First Aid Salve - 1 part calendula, 1 part plantain leaf, 1 part yarrow, 1 part st john’s wort, 1 part comfrey leaf, 1 part burdock root (finely ground)… place herbs in a jar and cover with olive oil. Let sit in a warm window for 2 weeks. For each cup of oil, add 1/4 cup beeswax; melt into the oil with a double boiler. Stir in vitamin e oil. Pour into small 4 oz jars or tins. Use on small cuts, stings, bug bites, anywhere you’d normally use Neosporin, burns, etc.

  • Yarrow Styptic - simple dried yarrow flower or plant, ground up fine in a coffee grinder (one specifically for herbs only, not ever used for coffee). Used to stop bleeding and prevent infection.

  • Kloss’s Liniment - for poison ivy/oak and other oozy rashes

  • Mullein Garlic Oil (ear infections)

  • Host Defense Stamet’s 7 Mushroom Immune Support

I highly recommend these books as references for natural health support to further your own knowledge in how to heal yourself and your family at home:


… feel free to peruse my amazon storefront for more links to reference texts and other holistic health items I use for my family. As I think of things, I will add them here. So Bookmark this page and come back to visit!


This post contains affiliate links. I only link to products that I have personally used and feel comfortable recommending. If you use these links, it does not increase the cost for you. It does help support this blog and my family, which allows me to bring you more helpful content. I really appreciate it when you use these links to purchase these products!



Kate Rose is a holistic birthkeeper and birth photographer who serves expecting women both locally in the Texas Knobby Hill Country and online through her holistic childbirth prep program, Birth Alchemy. She also mentors up-and-coming doulas and birth keepers in her virtual apprenticeship program. 

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