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Rose Motherhood Certified Doula (Printable Certificate)

By printing and signing this certificate, you are promising that you have in fact taken personal responsibility for your doula/birthkeeper training and education. You agree that you have read numerous books on doula support, pregnancy, the process of labor + birth as well as how to assist a woman through it, the postpartum period and how to support a woman during this time, the birth industry, the hormones and physiology of birth, birth options and interventions, etc. You agree to act responsibly and respectfully and to uphold the integrity of this work.

To Use: Print on cardstock paper. Print your name on the center line, then sign on the line in the lower right corner.

*My apprenticeship clients receive a formal certificate after completion of the program, so you would not need to purchase this certificate if you choose to enter that one-on-one relationship with me. This self-study certificate has a notation on the certificate that indicates YOU are taking responsibility for having completed the self study requirements in order to have earned the certification. If you get certified through my apprenticeship, you earn a different certificate that indicates my personal acknowledgment and guarantee that you have actually completed the studies and requirements.

Disclaimer: Rose Motherhood is not responsible or liable for the actions of individuals who print and wield this form. This form simply confirms that the individual presenting it claims to have completed their own self-study doula program based on a variety of books and other resources of their choosing. Rose Motherhood trusts that individuals will use this resource responsibly and will be honest about their own education and competency.