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You’ve come to the right place! I offer photography services to expecting families and families who have recently been blessed with a new addition. My photography services include: Maternity Photography, Milk Bath Photography, Birth Photography, Motherhood Photography, Fresh 48 Photography, and Newborn Lifestyle Photography.

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As your birth photographer, I’ll capture all of those oxytocin-charged, thrilling moments while respecting the intimate ambiance. I have ample experience navigating within the birth environment. I can seamlessly transition between my role as a birth doula, photographer, or shadow on the wall. This allows me to thoroughly document this once in a lifetime experience without taking anything away from it. You will have this keepsake to carry with you forever; to remind yourself of your raw strength and intrinsic beauty, and to commemorate the birth of this precious child. During labor and birth, your body naturally produces hormones which cause you to forget the experience. This is why having visual documentation of this day is so invaluable. Without these photos, you will only have a fraction of this experience logged in your memory, but with them you will have an everlasting reminder of this wondrous event, down to every important detail.

"Kate was my doula & birth photographer and she was just... the best. She knew when to be there and when to step back. I honestly did not know when she was taking photos, but they all turned out incredible. Her composition, lighting, and effects are spot on (this is coming from a person with an art degree- she knows what she is doing)! Sometimes I look at the pictures when I'm feeling down and they remind me that if I could do that, then I can do anything."












We all know that motherhood isn’t the most “glamorous” role, day in and day out. Life is gloriously messy most days, and that’s okay! Still, it is nice to feel beautiful and appreciated sometimes. I created this session to celebrate the innate beauty of motherhood that is sometimes overlooked. During motherhood sessions, I work to capture precious, tender, loving moments between a mother and her child(ren). These sessions take place at an agreed upon location, usually outdoors. You receive professionally edited + retouched photos that highlight the best moments of motherhood.

Motherhood Sessions are meant to spotlight the Mama of the family! They can include the entire family, or just mama and baby, or mama with all her children. Whatever MAMA wants! These sessions are also great for celebrating breastfeeding milestones.














I have two types of Maternity Photography sessions: Milk Bath Maternity Photography and Outdoor Maternity Photography. I have packages that range from typical sessions in nature to extravagant photography getaways that include hair/makeup/pampering. View my menu to learn more.













This newborn photography session is for families who wish to have the special first days of life captured in photos without having the labor & birth documented. I still remain on call to arrive within 24-48 hours of your baby’s birth. When the time comes, I will travel either to your place of birth or to your home to document all the precious “first” moments: Baby’s first yawns, tiny fingers, tiny feet in a nest of parent’s hands… all the details that you would want to remember forever. I will also photograph the quiet, loving moments between parents and baby, or siblings/family members with the new baby. I do not pose the baby or bring props/lighting (although I do have a professional flash in case there is less than ideal lighting).


This is perfect for families that do not want their birth story documented but do wish to have those first “golden hours” documented, since that is a particularly special, intimate time of intense bonding and wonder. I go ON CALL for your family in order to arrive within the first 3 hours of your baby’s life.


Newborn Lifestyle photography sessions take place in your home within the first month or so of your new baby’s life. I capture special moments between each member of your family and the new addition. If you have siblings who are still very young, we usually take photos with them first. Afterward, it is helpful to have a family member or friend available to care for siblings while I take some photos of the parents with their newborn as well as photos of the baby alone. Once baby is well-fed and restful, I like to take photos of them in natural positions around the house (in the nursery, on the bed, etc.) Again, I do not pose your baby for these photos or bring special lighting besides my flash.

These sessions are all about “a day in the life” of your family. They are meant to commemorate this time in your life: your home, your children, and even your pets. Don’t fret too much over them being perfect. Wear simple, solid-colored clothing (neutrals are great, or colors that compliment each other). I like to take photos in the living room, nursery, and master bedroom. If the weather is nice, sometimes we will venture into the yard. We will work at the baby’s pace, so if they need to poop or eat then that is what we do. These are flexible, somewhat informal sessions.

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