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Birth Alchemy

A one-on-one virtual birth prep container in which we embark on a journey of self-discovery to uncover your fears, blocks, strengths, vulnerabilities, personal and inherited traumas, and anything else standing in the way of your ability to trust yourself, to surrender to the process, and to tap into your own power and sense of authority. This is a holistic approach to childbirth preparation that intertwines the physical, emotional, psychological, and metaphysical aspects of this transformational rite of passage.

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Sovereign Doula Curriculum

I believe birth work should exist outside the realm of medicalization, institutionalization, and regulatory bodies.

Do you want to learn how to become a sovereign birth attendant by taking charge of your own education, rather than answering to a certifying agency?

Learn how to do just that by gaining access to my Sovereign Doula Curriculum.

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Are you interested in becoming a sovereign birth attendant but you want guidance and support as you gain knowledge and experience?

Are you a birth worker who is looking for one-on-one mentorship to improve your business and marketing strategies, attract your ideal clients, and learn to serve your clients holistically through an original-to-you framework?

Be my virtual apprentice!

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Are you interested in the Self-Led Birth Alchemy childbirth prep course?


This course is a streamlined, self-led approach to my Birth Alchemy framework. It does not include my 1:1 mentorship, but it does include 11 modules, 13 audio recordings, and dozens of journal prompts to help facilitate true, dynamic metamorphosis throughout your childbearing year. It also includes bonus access to my Herbal Ebook.

$29/mo for 12 months.

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Would you like a gift registry?

For no extra charge, I will create a gift registry page for you to receive donations from your friends & family to put toward a service or course you have purchased from me.

*You must officially be my client, and have paid your initial payment or retainer to qualify.

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