My name is Kate Rose, and I am so happy that you landed here! I am excited to support you throughout this transformational experience.

When serving as your Birthkeeper, my goal is to provide you with holistic support throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period.  I want you to emerge from your experience feeling confident in your innate power and strength. I want you to feel seen, heard, safe, and respected throughout this journey. I have a deep trust and respect of birth, and I know from experience that birth works best when it is completely undisturbed. I believe birth is a sacred experience; a rite of passage that initiates mothers into a new era of their lives by teaching them how to embody the power that lies within them whilst also surrendering to the natural rhythm of the process. I trust in women’s ability to give birth without intervention.  My energy is calm yet strongly supportive as I offer comfort techniques or simply my benevolent, reassuring presence throughout your experience.

Why should you hire me as your birthkeeper?

  • You only want to invite someone into your birth space who genuinely trusts birth and believes in your ability to take on any challenges you might face throughout this experience.

  • Ultimately, you trust your body and your own instincts over the opinion of any care provider.

  • You are looking for someone who is a mother herself; someone who can relate; someone who has felt the sensations of labor and understands the challenges you may face through her own first-person experience.

  • Forging a meaningful bond based on communication, trust, and shared experience is important to you. I’m talking about the type of connection you are instinctively inclined to seek out during your voyage into motherhood, yet no longer find naturally due to the structure of our society. A one-on-one connection with another mother who is here to guide you, reassure you, laugh with you, cry with you, and assist you through this monumental, transformational adventure.

  • You would like to approach birth as a transformative rite of passage rather than a medical emergency.

  • You have either hired (or plan to hire— I have recommendations) a midwife who trusts and supports undisturbed birth, or you are planning to ‘freebirth’ with me in attendance for (non-clinical) loving support.

  • You love the idea of a birthkeeper AND photographer who can support you throughout your labor while also providing a collection of polished, beautiful photographs documenting this miraculous occasion.

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I offer my clients a wide range of services. You have the option to choose pure and simple birthkeeper support + photography, or my all-inclusive premier bundle that will be sure to accommodate your every need.

"As a first time mom committed to a natural home-birth, discerning who I could trust to have on my birth team was an extremely challenging and daunting task. I spoke to many providers and didn't feel comfortable with anyone until I spoke to Kate. From our first conversation I immediately knew she was exactly who I was looking for. She gave me resources and encouragement and loving support before we even hired her! She cares about her clients deeply, and our connection grew so close by the time I gave birth. She's an incredible wealth of knowledge and was available to me whenever I needed her throughout my pregnancy which was invaluable for me. Her presence in my life became that of a fierce advocate and friend. She supported all of my choices, gave me encouragement & advice when I asked for it and made sure I knew that I was in the power seat every step of the way. Hiring Kate was one of the best choices I've ever made."


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